All Other Cable ISP's

This page is for isp's other than attbi. This method is known to work with some charter systems.

This page will help you update your surfboard 4200's firmware. We need to check one thing. We need to make sure SNMP is not disabled. I know a lot of cable companies do block snmp. You can find out by going to the following webpage and check.

If you know snmp is not disabled, great. If it is disabled, I'm sorry this method won't work. Click here to find out what i need to get it to work with your isp.

Step one, download the following files.

Surfboard 4200 Firmware 4.4.2

Tftp server software

cmfirm (its a winrar file)

1. unzip the surfboard firmware.

2. unzip the tftp software.

3. Run the tftp software. Click settings and make sure the base directory is the same as the folder you put the firmware in. We won't be using the attbi config file.

4. Run cmfirm.

5. Enter for the cable modem ip address (i believe it is

6. Public for community

Firmware server is the tftp server: Try your ip address. (I have not tested this yet. please let me know if it doesn't work)

7. firmware on the next line (SB4200- .

Make sure the tftp software is still running. Click update firmware. In a few seconds you will see the tftp software sending the file. Then the modem will reboot. When the modem is online, check the help page and look for the firmware version. it should be 4.4.2.


Ok, if snmp is disabled. You will need the following info.

1. Your tftp server

2. A config file (i do have many isp's config. Email me at and i can provide them)

If you can get those items. Email me and i can post it on the site. Thanks for helping other surfboard users!